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The Seven Essentials are life’s survival kit: air, water, food, shelter, sleep, exercise, and our spirit. Consider each essential a “layer” that together create the big picture of a person’s overall health. Together, we can address your most basic survival needs to meet health challenges and achieve your wellness goals.

I’m a nutritionist, macrobiotic and homeopathic practitioner that has helped clients thrive* with: mental health challenges, Aids and HIV, Anorexia, Cancer: breast, prostate, bladder, bowel, skin, lung, Diabetes, Digestive issues including irritable bowel, Obesity and general weight loss, Pregnancy including healthy eating and nurturing children.



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We may not be able to control our external environment, but we can control air quality in our homes and cars. From furniture to bedding, certain materials and products minimize invisible pollutants and ensure we inhale as much fresh air as possible.

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The beverage that has the greatest positive outcome on health is water. Water quality and quantity both play a key role in effectively hydrating us, while nourishing the earth.


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The body is not designed to breakdown processed food. Whole foods are easier to digest and extract the right nutrients to create healthy cells and energy.

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The condition of our homes affects our health in many ways. Feng Shui, de-cluttering, and addressing structural problems can create new, positive energy in our environment. Even our clothing provides shelter, generating energy around our bodies. Consider natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, hemp, and bamboo rather than synthetics.


A healthy sleep space and getting the rest you require helps the body repair itself and perform critical functions.



Over time, we have become more sedentary. Physical activity lowers the risk of many diseases, helps us lose weight, increases strength and generates positive thoughts.


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Connecting with each other through energy within may aid our health in ways that we don’t know until we experience it. There is also the spirit that flows through all of us that may require our attention.

* 5 Seasons Living does not claim to cure any aforementioned diseases. If you’re committed to Nature’s Rhythm you can expect to see improvements in every aspect of your life no matter how small or how great your wellness goal. 5 Seasons Living is a holistic company that provides complementary options for individuals who may be suffering from various ailments connected to the body, mind, and spirit.


Yvonne, IllinoiS

In 1995 Karla saved my life. She helped me understand that my body levels were completely acidic and full of toxins. My body at that point couldn’t even process water. My brain and functions were literally starting to shut down. It required a lifetime of discipline but food became my path to healing. I have a new life now and I’m so grateful. Being in Karla’s presence is a wonder. She is whole in every sense of the word and her vibration motivates, inspires and transforms. She is a true instrument of heaven.”