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Meet Karla Walter


Health comes in more ways than a remedy, pill, supplement, meditation, or long walk. It comes by understanding the complex relationship between the nutritional value of food and reactions on the body both physically and emotionally. For over 25 years, I have been dedicated to helping people around the world live their lives to the fullest through nutritional awareness, counseling, whole foods seasonal cooking, and exercise.


My path to becoming a Homeopathic practitioner began in Sydney, Australia, where I studied Homeopathic medicine and Shiatsu massage. I became a Macrobiotic counselor and started my first private practice in Bondi to help people through natural, simplistic ways of healing. While studying Macrobiotics, a classmate and I ran Wholly Goodness, a weekly class focused on Macrobiotic, vegetarian, and vegan cooking.

In 2001, I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I opened a private practice and taught cooking classes at Whole Foods, New Trier College, Stevenson High School, as well as workshops in Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Connecticut.

After 11 years in the Chicago area, my husband and I moved to Dubai. Skype kept me in touch with clients all over the world through lectures and consultations on healthy eating and creating healthy homes. My journey also took me to the United Kingdom for 3 years. A frequent lecturer, I often speak about seasonal eating, affects of food on mood and emotions, women’s health, menopause, diabetes, and unusual ingredients in packaged food.



Karla has completed extensive studies in Homeopathy, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Shiatsu Massage, Vegetarian Cooking, Human Bio Science, Feng Shui and Energy Medicine.

  • Diploma: Homeopathic Medicine – Australia 

  • Diploma: Macrobiotics/Traditional Chinese Medicine - Australia

  • Diploma: Shiatsu Massage - Australia

  • Practitioner Certification: Feng Shui - New York

  • Human Bio- Science One: New England University – Sydney Australia

  • International Wellness Consultant: Healthy Home Environment USA 2005

  • Member: The Nutrition Society UK

  • Senior Associate: The Royal Society of Medicine UK



Karla is a powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm – all of which she passes on to those in her classes, lectures, writings, and private consultations. Topic include:

  • Holistic health in our changing world

  • Environmental affects on the body

  • Physical health challenges – special focus on bone health

  • Cancer and the role of diet

  • Mental health challenges – special focus on emotions, family, and stress management

  • Harnessing the beneficial forces of nature throughout the year - seasonal changes

  • Technological breakthroughs that create simple solutions for healthy home environment

Karla is also a published author, writing for Chicago Suburban Women's Newspaper, and Expat Life in Thailand.  


Meagan, SydneY

I first saw Karla in 1996 for digestive issues. I wanted to address the issue with diet instead of orthodox medication, and Karla instilled confidence in me that she could assist.  I became a regular client and attendee at her whole food cooking classes in Sydney. I am always impressed by Karla’s ability to take everyday recipes and create a more holistic, healthier version and continue to use her recipes today. Since that time I have continued to be a client on and off, most recently engaging in sessions via Skype.

I admire Karla’s knowledge, wisdom and commitment to her own learning journey and her ability to inspire me to learn new things and grow.  Together we have worked through ongoing digestive issues, allergies, weight and depression. I like Karla’s light hearted approach to our sessions, she has a great sense of humour, whilst being very considered and compassionate of whatever is going on for me. It's why I continue sessions with Karla rather than finding a practitioner in my local area.”